Tips to Building a Minimum Viable Product

Tips to Building a Minimum Viable Product : How much is minimum enough?

So you have come up with a brilliant app idea, but you want to answer one question before you proceed – will your app find users? While there are many ways to validate your app idea – one of the best ways to validate is by building a minimum viable product and finding out.

Minimum Viable Product is the philosophy that you build only the useful part of the app, at a low cost budget and in quick time – and launch it to the market. Once you launch it, based on the traction you see, you decide the direction in how your app should go from here.

But building a Minimum Viable Product is tough. How do you decide what are the minimum features you launch with? And when do you launch? While building a MVP, you would be flooded with such questions. At App Developers, we work with developers with experience in high level mobile security. Our team has built a lot of minimum viable apps for startups and Fortune 500 companies – we know a thing or two about building MVPs. In this blog post, we share our ideas for building a MVP.

Minimum Feature, Maximum Impact

The first and foremost thing you will have to choose is, the features that you will build in your app. This will depend a lot on your app idea. Suppose your app idea is an eCommerce store, you would have to build an app with Payment Gateway feature in it, which is known to take some time – But if it is an utility app, you would probably just have 3-4 screens which can be developed faster.

The point to keep in mind here as an app owner would be – Is this the core action I am expecting my users to take when they use the app? You have to be certain that when users use your MVP, the feature set they are exposed to, is the dominant metric for your app.

So choose features that you think will benefit your users, and bring in the extra whistles and bells later. Ex : For an eCommerce app, the core action will be the ability to buy a product. Adding to a cart / Gift Wrapping – options like these could be added later on.

Quality, not Quantity

Building a MVP does not mean you compromise on the quality of the application. Even if you are building 2 pages, ensure that they are high quality and do not turn away the users. A majority of the first users would be early adopters, who love quality products – and if they are turned off by shoddy quality of the app, chances are your app would never find critical mass of users.

Ensure that your app’s design is pixel perfect, and every bit of promotion for your app screams that you are still in beta. Users would be delighted to use your app, and will accept your shortcomings. What’s more, you could find a few good feedback from your early adopters.

Feedback channel

Last but not the least, While launching your app, ensure you have feedback channel inside the app – like a support chat or ability to email you. That way, you can ensure that your users can reach out to you via the app. While this also helps you in tracking bugs out in the wild, you also get some genuine feedback from users who have tried your MVP.

At App Developers, we have seen the above tips help our clients build better MVPs and launch to market and validate their ideas. Looking to build a quick MVP or a detailed app? We are the leading app development agency in Ireland – Contact us today for a free consultation session.