Application Modernisation is the process of taking old and obsolete applications, and converting them into modern apps that run on modern platforms. Chances are you have been working with systems, that were built years before the smartphone was a thing, and now you are fed up with how irresponsive they are. The design looks out of place, there are no automated backups and above all, they don’t work on your latest devices.

At, we help you modernise applications that are old, out of order and bug ridden. Our expert team goes through a detail process and when the process is over, your app is new again.

Initial Analysis

Once we have set the deal and signed the non disclosure agreements, we look through your software and understand the functionality in detail. We understand the needs of the users using the system through requirement documents, and capture thoroughly any enhancements you want to add to the project.

Dive into Code

We now look into your existing code to understand the modules already built. Data structures, documentation and deployment strategies are looked into in detail. At this stage, we get back to you with decision on if the old code can be reused to build the further part of system, or whether it will need a rewrite. Our team of experts have experience in languages ranging from .NET to Swift, so rest assured we can handle any programming language easily.


Once we are aware of what needs to be done, our developers get to work. We build the features and start deploying builds for you to test. We also undertake migrating your apps to platforms such as iOS, Android or Web. We have expert consultants and developers, who can work in different languages such as Swift, Java or PHP. We can also help you migrate and launch on Cloud Systems such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Backspace Cloud.


Once we build your app, we test your app thoroughly to ensure there are no bugs. We check the app, even for modules that were already built, and ensure all bugs are squashed in this process. Notably our advantage is in-house device labs, which hosts, 50+ mobile devices that allow us to test your apps run perfect on all platforms.

Database Migration

A huge risk on modernising apps which are already live, is to migrate existing databases. With new features, it is possible that the data structures have changed, and data needs to be migrated. We have years of experience in migrating live apps to new databases, with less or no downtime. We have a planned checklist which ensures your data is safe and migrates properly without any loss.

Constant updates

Having built the app, if it is not constantly maintained – it will keep on getting old and issues creep up eventually. Our team of experts will work closely with you to constantly update the app with new features and regular maintenance, thereby ensuring your app is functioning perfectly at all times.

Looking to migrate your app in a modern app? Or want to expand your app into new platforms? is your one-stop shop for all your app modernisation needs. Contact us today for a free consultation session.