The advantage of building custom SAAS application is that it can be tailor-made to suit your customers or your organisation with least efforts. While mobile is all the rage these days, building web apps is still a good way to reach billions of people who still don’t have a smartphone. At, using the power of cloud and PHP, we have delivered some cutting edge web apps.

Our philosophy at is to build engaging and streamlined SAAS app that allow small and medium sized companies access to infrastructure huge companies have. Here is why you should

Responsive apps

The advantages of building SAAS apps are numerous, but the one that stands out is responsive apps. When your app is responsive, it means, it will open up perfectly fine on any screen, be it a smartphone or a desktop. Using this strategy, mobile users of your app can use your app properly in the browser, without any interruptions. This helps you save cost by not building dedicated mobile apps in the start.

Our designers and developers are expert in using frameworks like Foundation, Bootstrap to build responsive and streamlined front-end for your application.

Power of Cloud

The emergence of cloud computing allows you to tap into an unlimited pool of resources with just a few clicks, and pay only on a pay-per-use model. At, we have worked with clients to setup their SAAS services on cloud. Not only do we help with setup, but we also prepare plans for auto scaling servers, when you expect load. For ex : A new marketing campaign is being launched and you expect users to use your app.

Our team of cloud experts are AWS certified developers, and are also well versed with Microsoft Azure and Rackspace Cloud offerings. With us, you can be rest assured of your cloud strategy

SEO and Digital Marketing

Every web app gets most of it’s traffic from Google. As such it is important for your SAAS app to rank high up in Google for certain keywords. At, we are expert in white hat SEO methods. Using our techniques, we deliver consistent ranking for your app on first few google results.
Apart from this, we work closely with you over time to look at your digital marketing strategy to come up with better ideas to promote your app using legitimate growth hacking methods.

Excited about your next SAAS idea? We, at are your reliable tech consulting firm that deliver high quality, low-risk applications. Contact us today for a free session.