Looking for mobile app developers in Dublin? Look no further than AppDevelopers.ie. We are one of Ireland’s fastest growing mobile agencies with an experienced team of project managers, designers and mobile developers. We help SME’s with their mobile app strategy and help them build revenue streams as well as an audience.

In today’s digital world, having a small mobile responsive website just doesn’t cut it. To be ahead of your competition it’s important to have a mobile app. We work with businesses and individuals in Dublin and across Ireland and here’s how going mobile can help your business:

Instant access to your customers

According to a recent survey the average smartphone user checks their phone atleast 46 times a day. Having your own app on your customer’s device is an interesting marketing avenue. You could queue up push notifications regarding products and services to a specific subset of your users. This opens up a whole new revenue stream as your customers keep engaging more with your brand.

Reach offline as well as online customers

With mobile apps your users can use your app even when offline. This is just not possible with websites, but that’s where mobile apps score over websites. It’s predicted that by 2020, almost 6.7 billion smartphones will be sold. This gives you an opportunity to make a new customer base in upcoming markets, creating new revenue streams.Smartphones give access to lots of sensors as well as user’s data. When you build your own mobile app you can ask users to give permission to collect data, instantly giving more insight into your users. Gone are the days when you had to do expensive market research to understand your users.

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