APIs or Application Programming Interface, as they are known, are the backbone of mobile and web apps built today. APIs allow you to sync data from your apps on multiple platforms with your database. Apart from syncing, APIs can also be used as a front gate to your data, which can then be accessed by your customers.

At appdevelopers.ie, we are well versed with the art of developing APIs. When it comes to building APIs, there are different trends of building APIs.

Data Layer APIs

Let’s assume you have a huge dataset that you want to let your customers access. But collecting this data painstakingly has cost you, and you don’t want to give it for free. This is where building a Data Layer API would be helpful. Our team of experts collect the data from you in Excel Sheets, structured or unstructured data and then arrange it in a proper manner. After which, we build APIs around your data to allow your consumers to consume the data.

When we build our APIs, we keep in mind that someone somewhere is going to read it in future. As such, all our API projects are always accompanied by detailed API documentation with adequate code samples which allows any developers to try the API before implementing it.

Mobile backend APIs

It is a known fact that today launching an app on a single platform is not a tangible strategy. To get returns, it is recommended to release your app on multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. But multiple apps means syncing your data. This is where we come in. Our mobile backend APIs integrate with your mobile apps and allow you to sync data between devices. What’s more? With the power of custom analytics dashboard, you can take business decisions on your app’s usage.

Third Party APIs

Want to build an app that uses Facebook’s login and Instagram’s post functionality? or an app that posts to Twitter? This is possible using Third Party APIs. Big companies usually have an API, which can be used to build apps that leverage their feature. While it is always risky building your business on top of other companies API, companies like hootsuite and camelcamelcamel have made their business out of other’s API.

At Appdevelopers.ie, our experts have experience working with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Paypal and a whole lot of other APIs.

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