Android started as an open source operating system in 2004, and with the global rise of smartphones, has gone on to be the most installed mobile operating system. With an overgrowing user base in developing as well as developed countries, organizations and startups cannot ignore the Android user base.

At App, we help companies and startups build compelling Android applications that let you serve a user base of 1 billion + users.

Material Design

Android was pretty late to the design party, with it’s earlier versions having less or no consistency at all. However, soon Google upped it’s game by releasing Material Design guidelines. Our designers, at, consider this our bible and implement this while designing your app.

The result? Your apps are built primarily with the users in focus, and a design language that the entire Android user base can relate to.

Data and Sensors

Unlike Apple, Android’s open source ecosystem has led to host of sensors and access to lot of user’s data. Android offers access from the phone’s accelerometer to user’s call logs and messages.

Our experience building data rich Android apps means we can leverage the power to user’s data and make life easier for them with our smart prediction technology.


One of the distinctive features in Android is Fragmentation. 98% of Android’s user base is on 7 different versions of Android. Add to it, different screen sizes, processors and memory limits, and soon it becomes challenging to develop consistently.

Our streamlined approach of developing Android apps means your apps run with the same consistency and smoothness on majority of Android devices.


Android’s Open Source system also comes with it’s own security flaws. But for us, Security is paramount. Our team has worked with high level banks, and this experience makes us the experts in building secure Android apps, that cannot be reverse engineered or hijacked.

We diligently pay attention to any new security leaks in Android and analyze how it might affect your app. Once analyzed, we then present you with solutions to mitigate any security issues.With the unique Android fragmentation, it is necessary to test your Android apps on a wide range of devices. has an in-house device lab which hosts 50+ Android devices of all sizes and shapes, and represent the varied user base. We keep it up-to-date with the latest devices, and support old devices as well.

Got a bug on an obsolete device that you don’t own? Hire us, and let us track and squash those bugs with our unique tooling methodology.