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Security 101 for Mobile Apps : Are your mobile apps secure?

In this age of digital transactions, mobile apps have started playing an important role. As our dependence on mobile apps increases, it is important that as an app owner, you offer security as a basic part of your app. Having security gives users the confidence to trust in your app, and perform transactions on it. Regardless of whether your app has payment options or not, you should do your due diligence with security.

Having built mobile apps for Banks and financial institutions, the developers we work with have time and again come up with these security challenges – which we have now turned into a checklist, which our team checks off before launching an app. While it is not possible for every app to follow Bank grade security, here are a few points that will help you make your mobile apps secure


After the Snowden leaks, smartphone users everywhere have been wary of government reading their data. When users use your app, and share any personal details, they want to be assured that no middle man is reading their data. To ensure this, you should enable HTTPS on your API endpoints as well as customer facing URLs.

This would show up with a green lock on the user’s browsers, thereby giving them the confidence that your app or site is trustable enough to use.

Access Control

With your app idea, you might have a bought on an outsourcing team to develop it. But now that the app has been delivered, it is important to check who might have access to your app’s data. Do only you have access to it? or does the entire development team have access to it.

Always bring in a third party security auditor after delivery to screen through the deliverables to ensure there is no malicious code written which might harm your reputation with users.

Two Factor Authentication | Password Hygiene

If you have taken the time to build a custom login over a social media login integration, you have to ensure that users have good password hygiene. This can be as simple as asking the users to use a combination of special characters, numbers and letters for password. This would prompt the users to have a different password from other service they use.

Additionally, having two factor authentication feature setup which sends login code to user’s mobile number showcases that you are serious about security.

While, these are important points that would make your app more secure – in terms of security, you should never take things for granted. Arrange for monthly security audit of your platform by a third party vendor and follow up by fixing the bugs reported.

Because one thing we can all agree on is, you wouldn’t want to wake up to your users data hacked and put up on a forum for everyone to see. At App Developers, we take security seriously and build apps with bank grade level security. Looking to build an app or increase your security? Contact us today for a free consultation session.