IoT, also known as Internet of Things – is the idea that every device we use in day to day lives is connected to Internet. Starting from refrigerators, TV’s, these days even common utility items like lights have become connected to Internet. And the trend is only set to grow. According to a market analysis by Gartner, IoT is going to a 2 trillion dollar industry by the year 2020.

With this high demand, it is important for companies to connect their products to the Internet. At, we are expert at getting your product connected to the Internet, thanks to an unique combination of Electronics Engineers and Computer Engineers we work with.

Data Monitoring

The biggest advantage of connecting your product to the Internet is the ease with which you can now monitor it. Once a customer has bought a device and installed it, you can now monitor it to see the condition of the device from time to time. Once you realise the device is nearing it’s service date, you can show up at the customer’s door without them having called you. This leads to a better customer experience.

Not only does this help with better experience, but lets you monitor how your products are being used by customers. More data points help you plan better sales. Our custom analytics management solution allows you to monitor, engage and deploy IOT solutions with a few clicks.


With some recent experiences in IOT hacking devices, customers are wary of buying any product that doesn’t show strong security. At, we have prepared a 50 + security checklist, which all our IOT projects go through. From checking for default gateways to ensuring strong encryption, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your product is secure and does not let any hackers snoop through your users data.

Mobile Apps

Your users need apps for interacting with your IoT devices. Every IOT device is a combination of hardware and software done right. At, not only do we help you with the hardware part, but also help you build mobile apps for your product. Using Bluetooth and NFC technology, we build native Android and iOS apps. These apps then connect with your device, and send the data back to your server.

Our experts have 5+ years of experience building IOT devices for a wide range of startups and launched it in market at scale. When it comes to scalable IOT devices, you can trust on us to be the right people to do the job.

Looking to make your product a smart product? Jump into the IOT revolution today. Contact our IOT experts today for a free consultation session.