It’s easier to think that tablets are just bigger phones, but they are much more than that. With the iPad, Apple created a totally new market for devices that are bigger than your phones, but yet smaller than the bulky laptops or desktops we have used. Today tablets are being used by users for anything from entertainment to work.

In the tablet market, while Apple continues to be the leader with 25% of market share, Android exists in around 60% of tablet devices today. Organizations can no longer afford to miss out on the hot tablet market by not catering to the users, thereby missing out on a lot of revenue on the table.

We at know this, and have a dedicated team for designing and developing app specifically for tablets.

Unique Design

According to a survey by IDC, tablet users tend to use apps that are designed and optimized specifically to tablets as compared to apps that were made for phones, and run on tablets in an extended mode. We feel that when you run an app made for phone, on a tablet, it gives a bad experience to the user, thereby giving a bad reputation for your brand.

Hence, for all the tablet apps we design, we ensure full usage of the real estate available and create an engaging experience for the tablet user. Whatever your design needs for tablet app development, we have it all covered.

Portrait and Landscape

A tablet can be and is most often used in Portrait as well as Landscape mode, more than what users on a phone do. And hence it is extremely important that your app should work on both modes, so that it supports the user’s convenience.

We understand this, and from the start, we build our apps for both modes. Our agile process ensures we check the app in both formats before releasing it to users.


For a successful tablet app development strategy, it is critical that you have your apps on all platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Our dedicated tablet development specialists can build apps that can run on iPad, Windows as well as Android tablets.It is critical that your app users have a smooth and hooked experience with your app. Every app that we develop for tablets are tested in-house on a range of 20+ different tablet devices. While testing, our QA team subjects your app through a rigorous checklist of 100+ items to check on tablet devices and are released only when these items are ticked off from the checklist.

Rest assured, with us, you can sleep at peace while we work hard to get your tablet app development strategy in place.