While Android and iOS have been dominating the market in terms of mobile app development, HTML5 app development has risen recently and continues to gain increasing market share. HTML5 is one of the most feature rich tools that allows developers to build mobile as well as web applications together, thereby allowing startups to launch cheaper and get validation from market.

At AppDevelopers.ie, HTML5 app development is at the forefront of our efforts to develop cross platform mobile as well as web applications. If you are looking for a team to develop a web as well as a mobile app quickly, look no further than us – as we work with you closely to bring your idea to reality.

Easier Deployment

With HTML5, deploying to app stores is easier as your app’s modules are hosted remotely on a server and can be changed using Javascript while launching the app. This smooth process ensures you can launch and scale your app fast, unlike traditional app stores like Android and iOS, where native apps have to go through various policies and terms & conditions before launch. Our expert developers have in depth expertise of building apps that can handle a torrent of traffic.

Code Reuse

Since HTML5 apps run on modern web browsers, and can be also packaged as an app inside a browser, the same code base can be used to power your web apps as well as mobile apps.  This means your apps will have less maintenance overheads and cost less to develop compared to native apps.

At AppDevelopers.ie we have developed and extended web apps to power their mobile apps entirely in HTML5. Talk to us today to see how we can power your existing web apps to mobile apps using HTML5.

Performance Boost

Gone are the days, when HTML5 apps meant laggish UI and poor device specific features. With advancement in HTML5 technology, UI can be as good as native apps and they now have access to a breadth of sensors like NFC, Bluetooth and almost the entire core API on Android and iOS.

Our team has worked on many HTML5 apps from scratch and created high performance apps that work flawlessly and create engaging experiences for users.Once your app has been developed, before launching it to users, our QA team tests it through a whole range of supported browsers. This enables us to catch any bugs before the app goes live.

After our Quality check we also run your app through regression testing to ensure your app continues it’s lifecycle even after we have handed it over to you. Book a free consultation today to talk about your HTML5 app idea.