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At AppDevelopers.ie, our team based in Ireland is a group of passionate product managers and developers who have in all 30+ years of experience building scalable mobile apps for startups and enterprises alike. With experts in existing mobile development technologies, we are always on the lookout for new technologies and embracing change. Here, we reinvent ourselves to the market’s focus and always come up with solutions for our clients using the latest and the greatest technologies in the market.

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In an increasingly digital world, mobiles and tablets are becoming the computing choice for many people. We help companies build compelling mobile apps using state of the art programming language like Android, Swift and HTML5.


iOS App Developers

Although Android commands a huge market share, Apple’s iOS has huge revenue share as well as user engagement. Simply put, iOS users are more willing to spend their time and money on apps. And that’s why enterprises and startups often prefer an iOS first approach – where they release the app only for iOS and then make it available for other platforms.

While we offer a range of development services, we have put iOS at the heart of our company. Our team of expert app developers, can help you build your next perfect iOS app and launch it on the app store.



Android App Developers

Android started as an open source operating system in 2004, and with the global rise of smartphones, has gone on to be the most installed mobile operating system. With an overgrowing user base in developing as well as developed countries, organizations and startups cannot ignore the Android user base.

At App Developers.ie, we help companies and startups build compelling Android applications that let you serve a user base of 1 billion + users.


Game Developers

The success of any gaming app depends primarily on the creativity of the idea. If you have a gaming app that you want to develop, you have come to the right place. At AppDevelopers.ie, we take your game’s vision, apply our creative brains to it and come up with a compelling and engaging game for you.

We know to build a successful gaming app, you will need a mix of experts from different fields. At AppDevelopers.ie, we have game designers with a proven track record of building viral mobile games.



App Design

Designing for mobile apps is an unique challenge given the amount of space and real estate available in today’s mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. According to IDC, the average smartphone user uses 4-7 apps on a daily basis, hence it is quite important to have a good first impression on the user. Afterall, the first impression is the lasting impression. At AppDevelopers.ie, we are firm believers in a good design philosophy and strive to create beautiful and feature rich design for your app.

Prototype. Validate. Repeat


Enterprise Software Developers

Mobile applications when developed for the enterprise, ensure that the information reaches right people in your organisation. As enterprises become increasingly mobile, it is evident that organisations should build apps that allow their increasingly remote employees to access data from anywhere, so they can get into action quickly.

AppDevelopers.ie is owned by TADCO, a leading app development company in Ireland, so it’s no surprise our team has vast experience in developing custom made enterprise app solutions for your organisation’s mobility and app development needs.



Hybrid / Cross-Platform Developers

When it comes to Hybrid apps, it is always a fun debate to discuss if native apps are better than hybrid apps. But here at AppDevelopers.ie, we believe, a well developed hybrid app should perform exactly same as a native app. Hybrid development allows apps for different platforms systems to share the same code, making overall development faster and cheaper.

Are you looking to build a hybrid app? We will explain why sometimes, hybrid app is the best way to go about building your app.

web development


We Build Awesome Websites

Whether you need a new logo, website, video, marketing campaign, or eBook created for your business, the key to making the project a success starts with having well-thought-out creative brief.


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