Mobile applications when developed for the enterprise, ensure that the information reaches right people in your organization. As enterprises become increasingly mobile, it is evident that organizations should build apps that allow their increasingly remote employees to access data from anywhere, so they can get into action quickly.’s custom made enterprise app solution addresses your organization’s mobility and app development needs. Below is a look at our enterprise app development offerings.

Security Features

Let’s face it, with increasing mobility, the chances of data leak and data theft loom large on your company’s intellectual property. However, by restricting mobile users access to data wouldn’t help much in this increasingly remote work market.

Our solution to the issue is tighter security control that lets you control which employees and devices have access to sensitive data. Devices misplaced or stolen from your employees? With our remote wipe management interfaces, you can render devices useless within seconds, thereby protecting your data.


Your employees in-house or on the field need instant access to data that enables them to make faster decisions propelling your business ahead. But to get there, your mobile offerings need to be reliable, fast and responsive enough to sync it on a central platform.

With our experience building reliable applications, we ensure that data consistency is always given priority and that any user, regardless of where they are, get access to the company’s data within seconds.


As an organization, you already have tons of data and a set of tools that you already work on. Our enterprise ready app solution merges with your existing data, so that you don’t have to spend time and money migrating your data to a new system, and training your employees on it.

We are well versed with building solutions for in-house sales CRMs to any obsolete tools that you might be still hanging on to. It’s your old data, presented in an altogether new format and in an easy to use manner.With Bring your own device policies, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to set up IT policies at a scale. We understand the pain that can come with manually setting up devices every time an employee comes up with their own device. Hence we work closely with your existing IT team to ramp up to scale your IT policies, so that you can get more devices monitored with less employees.

Thanks to our one touch provisioning, onboarding a new device is as easy as just clicking once and you are ready to go. Our custom enterprise app development solution, comes with these as well as more features, ready for you to set up and get live as soon as possible.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is the process of getting mobile devices in place at workplace, and seeing the bigger picture of integrating them with workplace goals and objectives. Let’s face it, as a growing company, many of your employees are now buying smartphones and are accessing company’s work using their smartphones. In fact, according to a poll – close to 2/3rd of workers today access their professional lives on their smartphones. It is increasingly becoming important for companies to have a enterprise mobility strategy in place.

Are you a growing organisation looking to implement EM in your workplace? or you already have Enterprise Mobility installed but it is not providing the expected results? At, we can help you analyse your existing enterprise mobility strategy and suggest a result driven approach.


Let’s face it. While we all know that adding mobility to organisation makes it more productive, we are worried about the security. What happens if any one outside gets access to your company’s data. Inside your company offices, you could always monitor users – but how do you monitor users when they are moving out in the world.

Using Enterprise Grade Encryption and up-to-date security standards, the app we develop ensure that the data is accessible only to users that it is intended for. Suspect any foul play, or devices lost? With a few clicks, you can remove access to data for a specific user and device using our custom managed dashboard. At, we have 10+ years of experience building bank-level security applications.


Your employees are not restricted to only one platform. So why should you? A diverse platform means, your enterprise mobile strategy has to support iOS as well as Android. At, we are well versed with iOS as well as Android native development. Feel the budget a bit high? No issues – with our hybrid development team experts, you can target various platforms at a low cost.

No matter your targets or your quote, there is something for everyone at . We work around with you on your targets and budget, and come up with a best feasible solution for your project. No compromise in quality ever.


No matter what sectors you are from, it is important that you have an EM strategy. From healthcare insurance to automobile assembly, all industries today are being changed by mobile. Our deep down expertise in working with over 10+ sectors has given us experience in deploying mobile strategy for specific industries. With that much of experience behind us, we are sure we can work to identify opportunities in your organisation and improve them with our mobile strategy.

Looking to transform your company with the power of mobility. Our expert team is waiting to talk to you on your next project. Contact us today for a free consultation session.