The success of any gaming app depends primarily on the creativity of the idea. If you have a gaming app that you want to develop, you have come to the right place. At, we take your game’s vision, apply our creative brains to it and come up with a compelling and engaging game for you.

We know to build a successful gaming app, you will need a mix of experts from different fields. At, we have game designers with a proven track record of building viral mobile games.

The Right People

When you work with us to build your game, you work with a team of project manager, game designer, an art designer and a level designer. The game designer is responsible for the overall feel of the game, whereas the level designer looks after the mechanics and creates an environment which makes your game more engaging.

The art designer will be the one in charge of designing all assets and marketing materials for your game. And last but not the least, the project manager ensures that the app is being developed properly and deadlines are strictly adhered to. In all, this group will ensure that your app is developed quickly and right.

Native or Cross Platform Development

Apple and Android together hold close to 95% of the entire mobile market. If you want your app to hit a critical mass, you have to target both the platform. While there are many benefits to building natively for both platforms, some time cross platform development is the way to go owing to less time and cheaper development time.

At, we work on Native as well as Cross Platform Game Development. For Native, on the iOS we use SpriteKit and GameplayKit, whereas for Android we use Java. We also use Unity 3D platform for developing cross platform game. Whatever your game development needs, our expert team has got it covered.

Virality and Quality Testing

The success to any game comes from it’s early adopters – the first set of users who try it out and find it engaging and addictive enough to share it with their friends. We take into consideration virality mechanisms that reward the user based when they share with their friends, thereby getting more users.

But we also know that, before we release to the first set of the users – the app has to be thoroughly tested so it doesn’t break when your app download surges. That’s why our dedicated QA team, analyzes each aspect of the game from a user’s perspective and ensures there are no bugs before we launch it to the early set of users.So you have worked with us, and have launched your game to your users. Users start coming in, and you are happy. But what after that? For a successful game to be really successful, you have to keep on maintaining and adding levels and rewards – so that users come back for more content every day. This has been well demonstrated by Angry Birds, Farmville etc.

We work with you after launch to create more content and assets, and help you maintain your game with less technical overhead. Reach out to us today to hear how we can help you build and launch your game to the market soon.