Once your app has been developed, and you are confident that it looks ready to launch to your users, then it’s time to release the app. But while you could just release your app with a click of a button, our experience says that following the steps below will increase the buzz around launch and be beneficial for your app in the long term.

Marketing Pages

While it’s true that you can write in detail about your app on the App Store’s description, it’s somewhat constrained and doesn’t leave much room for creativity in this space. We recommend setting up landing pages for your app way ahead in your marketing campaign to generate buzz around your project.

Use teasers and videos from your campaign to share with your social media followers and redirect them to the landing page. Have an email list, where you collect your potential user’s emails, so you can keep sending them updates.

Beta Testing Strategy

Once you have a few followers, you can start generating excitement around by providing some launch codes to your followers for testing out your app. This would get your app’s user base excited and they would be your app’s early adopters.

Not only will they want to share this app with their friends, they will also want to provide you feedback. Listening to this feedback will be crucial as it’s from here you will get ideas for new features.

Enterprise App Deployment

If the app you want developed is an enterprise app, Apple and Google app stores provide methods to upload apps for enterprise customers. This is synonymous with the security and reliability of enterprise networks that you use. We are well versed with the process for deploying apps on enterprise app accounts and will walk you through this step.

Less File Size

In this age of fickle attention, we take extreme care that the final downloadable app size on the app stores are as small as they can be. This ensures that when a user tries to download an app, it downloads instantly so that the users are ready to get started and try out your app.
Congratulations, your app is now live and users are pouring in. Now what? Fortunately, we won’t stop here and work closely with you to track how your app is performing and give you 30 days of free bug fixes. We also work closely with you to identify any new features and enhancements and schedule them for the next round of updates.