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Building Loyal Fans for your app : Ways to finding Beta Users

You might have noticed the long lines of die hard fans in front of Apple Store waiting for Apple’s latest gadgets. Every service aspires to have this die hard fan base who will be loyal supporters of their service – but getting these early adopters, as they are called, is not so easy.

Your very first set of users can make or break their app. At, our global team of app designers and developers who helped companies set up a strategy for getting their beta users. Here are a few tips on how you can go about finding beta users for your service.


Often referred to as the front page of the Internet, Reddit is a community of geeks and early adopters. Some of the communities on Reddit like /r/iosdev, /r/android and /r/gamedev is where you can find heavy users who are always willing to test out new apps. Post your app screenshots as well as progress with these community and you would find users willing to give feedback.


Another good place to get users is Twitter – while other social networks have all kinds of users, Twitter still remains a place for a vibrant, early adopters community. Follow users who are in your target area and post screenshots as well as interesting tweets from time to time.

Another thing that would really work out is conducting polls. When used sparingly, you can use Twitter polls to ask your target audience about any queries you might have. Asking questions like what they think about your design or a feature you want to include. Having a Twitter account helps you find beta users as well as helps with marketing your app.

Email List

Early in your marketing, you should start building an email list. Using a service like launchrock, create a simple landing page along with email list. Send a weekly update to your email list informing them about the upcoming updates.

Local Meetups

Using a site like, find like minded people of your target group and see if they have a meet up coming up. And then, go to one of these meet ups and network with your users. When you do this, take extra care not to be brazen about marketing your app.

Listen to your users, ask them the issues they face, and then suggest if they would use an app for this – and when they say yes, introduce your app. In the upcoming meet ups, offer to sponsor a meet up where you could plan a session on asking them to use your app and provide feedback.

Getting beta users can be difficult, but with the above step, you can find loyal beta users for your app. While this can be a slow process, it’s important to note to treat your users with respect all the time.

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