outsourcing app development to India

Outsourcing App Development To India

India’s booming economy and low inflation cost has made it a premium destination for outsourcing mobile app development. If you are looking to develop mobile apps, the breadth and depth of talent in India will be a perfect destination for you as you get your mobile app developed. Granted that outsourcing to India will help you reduce costs, but before you go ahead and outsource your app development to India, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Dedicated Team + Consistent Performance

Does the organisation you are planning to hire have a dedicated team? Many outsourcing companies rotate their employees every now and then on different, thereby putting your projects in trouble and delayed timelines.

However with AppDevelopers.ie, we guarantee you a dedicated team that will remain the same from start to finish. Our team in India has delivered consistently working together on many apps, and continues to stay together to help you with your app development needs

Communication Skills

Since English is not the first language for many developers in India, many developers may not be able to understand your instructions or your vision. However our team always has an Irish project manager making communication a breeze.

Our project manager in Ireland will collaborate with the developer in India and with you as well. This person’s role would be to understand the vision from you, and communicate with the developer your requirements. You can just sit back and relax, while the project manager works with the team and gets the project delivered.

Code Quality

Does the organisation you are planning to hire have a dedicate code review process to ensure that the developers are writing high quality code free of bugs and regressions? Doing this ensures that your app’s quality is high and using the latest code, it does not suffer from technical debt.

At AppDevelopers.ie, we follow strict code review process and coding guidelines which ensure the engine underneath your app is running smoothly, thereby saving you a lot of money.Software projects are always broken down into modules with detailed effort on how much it would cost to build them. Does the organisation you are planning to hire have a detailed cost effort on the modules you are planning to build? Giving a fixed price or an hourly rate is good, but do they have the skills to properly estimate the time it will take to build your app.

At AppDevelopers.ie, we provide a detailed feature to feature cost and our effort almost always hit the estimates, thereby ensuring you never outrun your budget.

Before you choose an organisation, ensure they can give you a clear detailed plan and confidently answer any questions about your project. Get in touch today with us to hear about how we approach your projects.