why develop a mobile app

Why Develop a Mobile App?

According to Mobility Report by Ericsson, Around 6.1 Billion people will have access to mobile app by the year 2020. This marks the global rise in smartphone usage market, a trend that started in 2007 after the iPhone was launched.

The entire mobile industry has changed in the last decade and is going to change in leaps and bounds in the upcoming decade as well. Hence it is important today for organisations to have a mobility presence in the form of a smartphone app. We list the reasons why it is important for organisations to build a mobile app below.

Increased Revenues

Gone are the days when to sell a product you had to set up your website online and then also configure different payment gateways so that your users could buy your product. But with the advent of Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, the payments are handled by the companies.

These companies charge you a flat payment rate, take care of payment gateways and user’s security while you can focus on what you do best – build your brand.

Wider Audience

The cheap rates of smartphones means they are now making inroads into third world countries, thereby opening up new markets and new economies. People who earlier could not afford desktop PC’s are now getting introduced to smartphones, and companies cannot ignore the fact that this gives them wider access to a whole new market.

Offline features

With data connectivity limited at some places on the globe, it is evident that website only strategy will not succeed when your users cannot connect to the internet. Compare this with the ease of a smartphone, where the user could download an app when they have data connectivity, and use it even when they don’t have network access.The access to user’s contacts and sensors on Android, as well as iOS devices, help companies now understand their user base in a better way. Custom features like notifications allow companies to send targeted mobile notifications to specific users alerting about special deals and product launches.

You can now reach your own customers without the help of a new platform and best of all, it is in your control.

Clearly there are many advantages to going mobile for any company today. Do you have a plan for mobility in your organisation? At AppDevelopers.ie, we work with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies to build their mobile app strategy and deliver results. Contact us today for a free consultation