iPhone App Development Is In Our DNA

The iPhone has been at the forefront of the Smartphone revolution and has been responsible for creating a billion dollar apps industry. At AppDevelopers.ie, our team of iPhone developers have been building apps ever since the iPhone was launched in 2008, and have been doing ever since.

Building apps for iPhone involves a lot of know-how on Apple’s best processes, and how the app store works. Our expert team is eagerly waiting to work with you to build your idea into a successful app and help you build your app strategy from Scratch. Here is how we build iPhone apps at AppDevelopers.ie

Swift and Objective C

When the iPhone launched, apps could be written only in Objective C. But quite recently, Apple has launched it’s new programming language Swift – which has been in high demand ever since. At AppDevelopers.ie, our agile methodology has enabled us to accept this overnight change in the market, and made us one of the leaders in Swift application development.

Our team is well versed with Objective C as well as Swift app development. Got an existing Objective C app that needs a rewrite in Swift? Or want to explore Server side Swift using Vapor? Get in touch with us today to help us, help you.

Swift and Objective C

iphone fingerprint hardware

The Power of Hardware

The iPhone comes with a lot of on device hardware that can be accessed using the API. Some of the notable ones are 3D Touch, and fingerprint recognition. Using the APIs, we can build your app to be secure using fingerprint recognition, and provide easy to use context using the 3D Touch.

The iPhone also connects with various external entities, like Beacons and Bluetooth enabled devices. Our expert development team has deep expertise in BLE and Beacons technology, so we can use this to your benefit by creating a feature rich experience for your users.

Generate Revenue from your apps

Are you an eCommerce company looking to sell your products on mobile? Or an aspiring startup entrepreneur with an idea for an app that can generate millions? It is quite important that at some point in your app lifecycle, you charge your users for the services they use.

Our project managers notice this while consulting on the app with you and suggest best payment methods for your app. We are well versed with Apple Pay, In-app purchases and Freemium model. Book a free consultation today for your iPhone app idea.

app download sales


Thanks to Apple’s device release strategy, at any point in the Apple ecosystem there are only 3-4 models of the iPhone to support. And at the same time, Only 2-3 versions of OS to be supported.

Our in-house testing lab has a range of 20+ iPhone devices on different OS, which effectively cover 96% of the entire ecosystem. Your app is rigorously tested not only on simulators, but on these devices as well, to ensure your users face a bug free experience.

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Our Process


We work to understand your requirements and develop prototypes for your app. Then our designers use their creative brains to create compelling and fluid designs.


After design approval we write highly safe and reliable code ensuring your app runs smoothly. We work in an agile manner to release often to help with testing.


Our developers often release builds for our app testers. With the help of our in-house device lab and other tools, our QA team ensures that the app build is stable.


Once the app has been launched we work closely with you to monitor the metrics and provide support to ensure that the app scales up well for incoming traffic of users.

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