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According to the research firm IDC, The iPad roughly takes up 25% of the tablet market. The iPad has replaced traditional desktop and has now become the smart worker’s go-to device for all their work as well as entertainment purpose. Therefore, any app development strategy is incomplete without considering iPad as one of the leading devices to target for.

At AppDevelopers.ie, having built many iPad apps, we can help you launch your digital strategy for iPad apps by creating engaging and iPad specific apps. Here’s what we take into consideration while building iPad apps

UI / UX Design

While many apps might just run their iOS apps on iPad, this is a bad strategy as this leaves a lot of space unutilized, thereby giving a bad user experience. We understand that with users, getting that first impression is critical for your app, and therefore build compelling UX / UI that enchant the user at the first time.

We design iPad apps using Apple’s recommended guidelines and make full use of iPad’s retina display to create crisp and high quality UI. Our team first sketches out the design, and then with prototyping tools, creates mockups for validating it with users of your app.

iPad UX UI

iPad pro apple pencil

Apple Pen with Multi Touch

Apple’s iPad Pro launched with Apple Pencil which has opened up various avenues for developers to build compelling multi touch interfaces. We have built apps that have innovatively used the Apple Pen to engage users, and our team is well versed with creating high quality apps that stand up to Apple’s rigorous guidelines.

Multi Tasking

The iPad is one of the few tablet devices that support multi-tasking effectively, and let users run two apps at the same time. We understand that today’s user wants to work on multiple apps together at the same time, and keeping that in mind, build all iPad apps to be multi-tasking optimized.

That means your users can now use your apps as they browse the morning news or wait for their daily weather updates. It’s a win-win as users get the information they wanted, and you get users to stay hooked on to your app.

tablet multitask

ipad app store revenue

Revenue Generation

For the iPad, you can build apps that support paid as well as in-app revenue streams. It is quite evident that the major base of paying customers in today’s mobile market exist on iOS, hence it is quite important to have a revenue generation strategy for your app.

Our team will guide you with strategies for revenue generation, be it in-app purchases or free ads and then develop the effective solution for you. We know that, when you win, we win as well.


We know that our responsibility does not begin or end with only developing the app. It starts much more earlier. From the time, you contact us, we work closely with you to identify your app’s strategy and help setup the entire roadmap in terms of marketing as well as user outreach.

Once your app is deployed to the app store, we work closely with you on fixing bugs, tweaking performance and adding any new features. Building a quality app is a long term strategy, and we have the team and resources to support you do exactly that. Contact us today to get a free consultation for your iPad app.

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Our Process


We work to understand your requirements and develop prototypes for your app. Then our designers use their creative brains to create compelling and fluid designs.


After design approval we write highly safe and reliable code ensuring your app runs smoothly. We work in an agile manner to release often to help with testing.


Our developers often release builds for our app testers. With the help of our in-house device lab and other tools, our QA team ensures that the app build is stable.


Once the app has been launched we work closely with you to monitor the metrics and provide support to ensure that the app scales up well for incoming traffic of users.

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