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When it comes to Hybrid apps, it is always a fun debate to discuss if native apps are better than hybrid apps. But here at AppDevelopers.ie, we believe, a well developed hybrid app should perform exactly same as a native app. Hybrid development allows apps for different platforms systems to share the same code, making overall development faster and cheaper.

An analogy that we tell our clients is that of a brewery. Imagine you ran a brewery and had a wide customer base. Do they worry about how the beer was made? Or at what temperature it was brewed? No. They focus more so on how the beer tastes. And that is the same with Hybrid apps. If users can have a  smooth experience while using your hybrid app, who cares what technology was used to build the app.

Are you looking to build a hybrid app? We will explain why sometimes, hybrid app is the best way to go about building your app.

Validate your app quickly

Are you trying to explore a potential app idea without much investment in time and money? A hybrid app allows you to build quickly and deploy to Android as well as iOS devices and get feedback from users.
This is because we use languages like HTML and JS, which work perfectly with any browser available on phone these days. We at AppDevelopers.ie have mastered the art of launching MVPs (Minimum viable product) in a short time frame of 3-4 weeks and bought in results and revenues for our clients. Want to validate your app idea at a low time and cost investment? Contact us now

mobile app validation

reuse code

Less Code. Reuse Code

With a hybrid app, you don’t have to manage a different code base for Android, iOS and other platforms. Just a single and neat code base that packs performance allows peace of mind for you. Moreover, we reuse 60% to 95% of the code on different platforms.

Our team takes on the task to maintain, build and release your app on different app stores at the same time, so your marketing team can go full guns blazing on selling your app instead of waiting.

Building powerful and quality experiences

With recent advances in HTML5 technologies, hybrid apps have access to the same APIs that native apps already have. Accessing device’s sensors, camera and other data are now possible, irrespective of whether the app is on Android, Windows or iOS platform.

We have built apps that access users device sensors without any hitch, and have wowed our clients with the performance.

app build quality

hybrid app development tools

The tools we use

At AppDevelopers.ie, we have a wide range of expertise in hybrid app development ranging from Phonegap, Sencha, KendoUI, Xamarin, Ionic and more.

We also are well versed with integrating any MBaas services like Firebase, Parse etc with the app, so they can interact with server and provide a seamless experience to users.


Have an idea for an app? Get in touch with us and we will set up a project consultation for you and answer your pressing needs about hybrid app development. What will be the performance of your application? Should you build a native or a hybrid mobile app? At AppDevelopers.ie, we face these challenges everyday, and are excited to share our learnings with you.

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Our Process


We work to understand your requirements and develop prototypes for your app. Then our designers use their creative brains to create compelling and fluid designs.


After design approval we write highly safe and reliable code ensuring your app runs smoothly. We work in an agile manner to release often to help with testing.


Our developers often release builds for our app testers. With the help of our in-house device lab and other tools, our QA team ensures that the app build is stable.


Once the app has been launched we work closely with you to monitor the metrics and provide support to ensure that the app scales up well for incoming traffic of users.

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