APP UX – User Experience

App UX / User Experience is Coursing Through Our Veins

In today’s crowded mobile space, first impression is the lasting impression. Hence it is important that your app captures the attention of the user and hooks them on to your product. To do this, it is important that your app goes through the process of designing UX, also known as User experience.

At, our team of UX experts have set up a streamlined process that ensures your app strikes the right chord with your users and brings the desired results. Here is a look at how we go about doing UX for mobile apps:

Initial Process + Idea Analysis

Once you get in touch with us, our project manager understands your requirements and communicates it with our UX experts. Our team of UX experts are the first set of people who work on your product. We understand the core idea behind your app, and try to understand the “why” behind the idea. Understanding the reason helps us set up structure and direction for the project.

app idea brainstorming

app user personas

User Personas

Once we understand the idea, we try to understand who the target users would be. By using tools such as user personas, we create a profile of the sample users you are looking to target. In this process, we write down what your user base likes or hates, their preferences, the apps that they use on a regular basis to get a better understanding. And none of this is guesswork. We carry out dedicated research interviews to arrive at the conclusion.

Having understood the idea and the target users, we take a look at any of your competitors in this space. Doing this helps us understand what they have done right, or wrong, thereby helping us create a strategy for your product.

Wire framing and Prototyping

After getting to know about the product and the direction, we now get down to work. Using Wireframing tools and top of the shelf prototyping tools like Balsamiq, Pencil – we mockup your application initially as rough sketches. This process goes through user validation, by making sample users go through the product mockups.

Once we have desired results, we hand over the prototypes to UI experts who design graphically your screens. This process is when you will see your app’s idea come alive with colors and get an idea of how your app will finally look. We work relentlessly to ensure there are no dead ends in the application.

The project is then handed to our developers who then code the functionality and design for your app.

app wireframes


A good UX process does not stop once it has been handed over to the other team. We monitor the outcome once the app has been launched by looking at metrics that matter to you. Some questions that we ask ourselves are, “Are our user sessions increasing?”, or say “Are our users carrying out activities, that we intended them to?”.

Based on the answers to above questions, we come to the conclusion that we have attained your goals and delivered a successful app.

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Our Process


We work to understand your requirements and develop prototypes for your app. Then our designers use their creative brains to create compelling and fluid designs.


After design approval we write highly safe and reliable code ensuring your app runs smoothly. We work in an agile manner to release often to help with testing.


Our developers often release builds for our app testers. With the help of our in-house device lab and other tools, our QA team ensures that the app build is stable.


Once the app has been launched we work closely with you to monitor the metrics and provide support to ensure that the app scales up well for incoming traffic of users.

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