Deep Experience in Windows App Development

While Microsoft lost the mobile wars when Android and iPhone took over the market, it still has it’s legs in the software industry in the form of Windows 10. And with Satya Nadella taking over the helm of Microsoft, it has focussed it’s offering to Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

UWP is based on the idea that users want experiences to be mobile across all their devices. And with advent of Windows 10, it is important for organizations to build their apps for reaching all Windows 10 devices like PC, tablets, phones, XBox, Hololens and more. While the world seems to have moved to mobile, there are so many experiences for which people use these other devices, that companies have to take up notice and not miss this huge user base.

At, our team of expert Windows developers can build apps that take your idea and our experience for an audience, that wants a unique experience on all devices.

Devices, Not OS

With Windows platform, your focus is not on supporting different OS but on supporting different devices. Want to only support tablets and PCs? Or do you have an idea for a VR app on Hololens – Our team of experts will understand the feasibility of your idea, and advice the suitable devices your app should run on.

Once discussed, we get our sleeves up, and get busy cracking code so that your app is up and running on Windows Store and available for your target customers.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Microsoft’s continued investment into cross platform tools like Xamarin means your apps can now be developed in one language and deployed across iOS, Windows and Android. This means lowered cost of development, and quick go-to-market for your application.

Do you already have an iOS or Android app that you are looking to port to Windows? Our development team is an expert in using Microsoft’s Windows iOS bridge and has ported many apps, while sticking to Windows design philosophy. Contact us today to consult how we can port your apps to Windows device.

Continuum experience

Continuum is a new experience on Windows 10 mobile devices, which allows users to connect their phones to keyboard, mouse so that the phone can work like a laptop. It’s a genius idea, getting your phone to be productive, like your laptop – but if you are targeting this subsets of customer – we can help you.

We have developed applications using Miracast and Continuum experience, and optimized apps to take full power of the experience, thereby providing higher engagement.

Engage differently

With a wide range of input options ranging from voice recognition to holograms (yes, holograms) – Windows has made all these experiences available for apps through its platform.
We are experts in building apps that use these inputs to build a more personal and engaging experience for your users.


With over 400 million devices already on Windows platform, and rushing towards 1 billion devices – there are different ways to monetize your app. From displaying ads, free trials and subscription based apps – Windows store has it all.

We have worked with several companies to monetize their existing app ideas and they have been surprised with the high revenues Windows apps have been bringing to them. Our expert team knows the platform inside out and will deliver on our promise to build a successful Windows app.

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Our Process


We work to understand your requirements and develop prototypes for your app. Then our designers use their creative brains to create compelling and fluid designs.


After design approval we write highly safe and reliable code ensuring your app runs smoothly. We work in an agile manner to release often to help with testing.


Our developers often release builds for our app testers. With the help of our in-house device lab and other tools, our QA team ensures that the app build is stable.


Once the app has been launched we work closely with you to monitor the metrics and provide support to ensure that the app scales up well for incoming traffic of users.

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